Building Content for a Small Business

Last week on the Hub we shared a post on the basics of SEO. Over the next few weeks we will go in depth more on each topic. This week we are covering how to build quality content.

Content is used to define the actual words and images on a website and across social media platforms. This is everything from the tagline to the blog to the graphics. Content makes up the entire base of a company’s web existence. Without it things like keywords, ad preferences, and HTML don’t matter.

So what makes good content? No matter the type of company or business there are a few rules to content creation.

  1. Use short sentences and short paragraphs. Content on the web is most often scanned, rather than read or studied. It is important to convey the message in the most clear way possible. Long pieces of writing will be totally skipped, even if they have an important point. Keep it short.
  2. Put important information first. Remember visitors scan. They do not read. Say what needs to be said on the front end. Selling something? Open with that. Offering a service? Start there. Don’t wait until the very end to get to your point. It is likely the visitor will never get there. Journalists call this the inverted pyramid.
  3. Make every page a front page. Visitors can come from anywhere to any page. Every page of a website should have relevant information about your business and products/services. If it isn’t clear what a business does, most visitors will not go to another page to find out. Instead, they will just leave the site.
  4. Save clever for social media. While it is tempting to be clever and use memes and GIFs to make a website fun and unique, don’t. Instead save the humor and irreverence for social media. Visitors to a website shouldn’t have to think much to decipher the message they are being given. Instead, write to the audience in a simple and basic way that conveys the branding of a company.
  5. Social media should complement the website. While social media content has a much different tone, it still needs to be a part of a company’s overall message to visitors. If, as an example, a company sells cat collars the social media content should be cat heavy: articles about cat care, memes and GIFs of cats, reviews of the cat collars, etc. It still needs to be on message.

Working with professionals is a great way to make sure the content is on point. Here at BizSwoop we have a dedicated team of content creators with expert level experience. They know the ins and outs of content creation and are comfortable navigating the rules of the web. Contact us for more information.

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