Creating a Web Identity

Imagine an architect building a delicate and intricate building that anyone can visit. It will have 24/7 access with a flashy sign and gorgeous, comfortable interior. This architect needs to make sure that the purpose of the building is obvious to a passerby and attractive enough to attract people who weren’t planning to stop.

Now. Take all of that and apply it to building a website. That is exactly what you need to do.

Make it Yours

There are so many options for building a website, but the best thing a business owner can do is go with an open content management system. What does that mean? It means pick something like WordPress where you can access the backend of the website without waiting on a company to get things done for you. Bonus: you will avoid the licensing fees that typically come with a proprietary system.

Beyond picking a platform, it is important to make sure the website conveys the personality of the business. A tattoo parlor will have a website much different than that of an upscale audience. Recognizing the importance of expressing both the message and personality of the company when designing a website is as (or more) important than any print materials created.

Know Your Goals

What should a business website do? It should build relationships with customers and potential customers. An important piece of website architecture is having goals. Write a list with what needs to be accomplished with a site. Make decisions about the website with this list in the front of mind at all times.

Make sure the goals you set are reasonable and attainable. A website cannot and will not do all of the work so know that as you plan. Review the goals with a partner or mentor who can be a second set of eyes.

Accessibility is Key

Web rankings and search algorithms are all dependent upon crawlers. What is a crawler? These are internet bots that were created just to search websites to create indexes. This means websites much have easy-to-read content that can be quickly navigated by bots. The process of making and understanding crawlers is complex and multi-level. It is important to work with people who know and understand how they work.

Thankfully crawlers and the general public want to the same thing: a website that contains important information and is easy to access. Don’t make a website that can’t be used easily. Example: Your business wants to write an about us page. You decide this fits best under a main header called “The Company.” Except when someone clicks on the company there is no about us page. Instead they must first click on another subheading that says learn more. Then finally they get to about us. That’s bad website building. Make important information front and center so visitors can get to what they need to know.

Have a Call to Action and a Why

When a visitor comes to your website they should know what you need them to do. Do you want them to buy something, book an appointment, or something else? Make your end game clear to everyone who visits.

Let visitors know why they are there. This can be so much harder than it sounds. Think about things like what differentiates your business from others in the same industry or what they can get from giving their email (sales, free advice, etc). Give them reasons why you are worth their time. By answering this why you are increasing the chances visitors stick around to become subscribers or customers.

Building a successful website in a crowded worldwide web is no easy task. Using experienced and dedicated web developers, content writers, and graphic designers can be an upfront expense that pays off exponentially down the road. At BizSwoop we have a dedicated team that can walk with you every step of the way.

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