Cloud Print Raspberry Pi IoT

$74.99 - $149.99

Are you trying to connect a printer that doesn’t have native Google Cloud Print support? Or a wifi connection? Do you want to avoid a dedicated computer connected to the printer? Or just want a printer in the fulfillment area of your businesses, for example kitchen or warehouse. Or are you looking for affordable Thermal printers that only provide USB connections, no bluetooth or wifi? There are many reasons this could be your easy and affordable solution.

Our Cloud Print Raspberry Pi IoT device by BizSwoop is the solution. The Raspberry Pi IoT device comes preinstalled and ready to go for a quick and easy connection to Google Cloud Print. The device has Cups print server installed and Chrome connector to connect most printers to Google Cloud Print. Includes our email notification software if an order is received and printer is offline. Raspbian OS, Cups print server, Chromium for GCP connector and BizSwoop software is preinstalled.

Only 3 easy steps.
Step 1. Connect the printer to Raspberry Pi IoT device.
Step 2. Login to the Raspberry Pi to add the Printer to Cups print server.
Step 3. Sign into your Google Cloud Print account using Chrome connector and add the printer.

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