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Setup and Configuration Workflow
Product Information

Estimated Setup Time: Less than 5 Minutes Setup. 7 Easy Steps.

Print Manager for WooCommerce* (SETUP) 

Powered By BizPrint Cloud Service

*Replacement product for Order Receipt Print using Google Cloud Print Service.


STEP 1: Setup BizSwoop Single Sign-on Account

To access the BizPrint Cloud Service, you will need a BizSwoop Single Sign-on Account. The account is free to sign-up.

Sign-up for BizSwoop Account

Create A BizSwoop Single Sign-on Cloud Account

After registering, an activation email will be sent to the registered email address.
Clicking on the link activates the account. After account activation, login to account.

*Remember to check Spam folder for activation email from


Click “BizPrint Cloud” To Launch The Print Dashboard


Welcome To The New BizPrint Cloud Dashboard!

BizPrint Cloud Print Dashboard will provide all the information about your printing behavior, number of print jobs, connected printers and connected websites. Allowing you to easily manage your printing requirements.

BizPrint Cloud Print Dashboard

*BizSwoop Account Sign-in Required

STEP 2: Setup Application on Local Device

On the BizPrint Dashboard, Click + for setting up Application on Local Device


Create a Station Name


After Station is Created, Copy Public and Secret Keys

STEP 3: Download BizPrint Cloud App

The BizPrint Cloud App is used to send the print jobs from your website to your local machine which is connected to your printer. After installing the BizPrint Cloud App, installed local printers will automatically connect and register to the BizPrint Cloud Print Service.

Windows Download

x32 bit& x64 bit support

STEP 4: Setup BizPrint Cloud App

Install BizPrint Cloud Application, Launch App


After creating the Keys in the BizPrint Dashboard, insert the Keys in the fields on the App, Click Submit


Once Keys Validate, Create or Select local directory to store PDF print jobs


Success! The BizPrint app has connected the local printers to BizPrint Cloud Service.


Here You Can View Printers You’ve Connected To This Station

Now the local printers are registered & connected to the BizPrint Cloud Service for use! You can view all the printers connected to the cloud print service under the Station you created in the BizPrint Dashboard. Printers will also now show in the Print Manager Plugin for WooCommerce to use for order printing.

Important: To use the automatic printing setting for the Print Manager plugin, you must select the specific local printer as the Default Printer in settings for Windows or MacOS printers.

*Network Printers don’t require the Default Printer setting to be assigned. 

For Windows: To choose a default printer, select the Start button and then Settings. Go to Devices > Printers & Scanners > Select A Printer > Manage. Then Select Set as default.

For MacOS: To choose a default printer. Select Apple Menu > System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners. Open Printers & Scanners Preferences. Click the “Default printer” pop-up menu, then choose an option. If you want the same printer to always be the default printer, choose that printer.

STEP 5: Setup App & Link Website URL With Print Manager For WooCommerce Plugin

Create Application Under BizPrint Cloud Dashboard


Create Name and Insert WordPress Website URL

After Application is Created. Copy Public and Secret Keys.

STEP 6: Update or Download Print Manager for WooCommerce

The Print Manager plugin is used to send the print jobs from your WordPress WooCommerce website to the BizPrint Cloud Service. After the print job is received by the BizPrint Cloud Service, the print job connects to the BizPrint App installed locally to start printing.

*NOTE: The computer must remain connected to the Internet and local printer in order to receive print jobs.


Choisissons une méthode d'installation

Étape 1: Connectez-vous au tableau de bord d'administration WordPress

Only if you are a current or existing user of Order Receipt Print using Google Cloud Print. If a new user, review tabs for Installing on Plugins page by search or by upload.

Étape 2: cliquez sur Plugins Option de menu

Step 3: Scroll down to find current plugin, Order Receipt Print version 3.0.16

Étape 4: cliquez sur Update Now

Step 5: After the update, click WooCommerce > Print Settings

Yay! Print Manager for WooCommerce is Updated.

Étape 1: Connectez-vous au tableau de bord d'administration WordPress

Étape 2: cliquez sur Plugins Option de menu

Étape 3: cliquez sur Ajouter un nouveau

Étape 4: Mot-clé de recherche: BizSwoop, Click Install Now Print Manager for WooCommerce

Étape 5: cliquez sur Installer maintenant, après l'installation

Étape 6: cliquez sur Activer

Yay! Print Manager for WooCommerce is Installed.

Step 1: Download the Latest Print Manager for WooCommerce Version

Don’t Worry. It’s a Free download!


Step 2: Login to WordPress Admin Dashboard

Étape 3: cliquez sur Plugins Option de menu

Étape 4: cliquez sur Ajouter un nouveau

Étape 5: cliquez sur Télécharger le plugin

Étape 6: cliquez sur Choisir le fichier, Select the Downloaded Print Manager for WooCommerce Plugin ZIP File

Étape 7: cliquez sur Installer maintenant

Step 8: Click Activer

Yay! Print Manager for WooCommerce is Installed.

STEP 7: Setup Plugin to Connect to BizPrint Cloud Service

Under WooCommerce > Print Settings > Settings. Insert Application Public and Secret Keys.

Click Save Changes to Complete The Integration Configuration with BizPrint Cloud Service.

STEP 8: Edit or Add New Locations & Select Printers

Under WooCommerce > Print Settings > Locations.

Update existing locations with the printers selected or create new locations and select printers connected on BizPrint

Yay! You are now connected and setup on BizPrint Cloud Service. You can now print orders directly from your website to your local printers.

Happy Printing.

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