A mobil fizetési rendszerek előnye

As technology and times change so must businesses. There is a quick shift from old school cash registers to mobile technology that gives businesses more options. With the change comes new and exciting options for businesses to manage their point of sale transactions as well as any online transactions. The benefits are numerous and will make your business better.

Speed up the line.

Put an end to long lines and and customers waiting around. Mobile POS systems increase efficiency and reduce customer frustration with the checkout process. In Atlanta and a few other test markets Chick fil A has introduced mobile POS in their drive thru lines. Chick fil A gets an astounding 97.3% of its mobile orders correct and each customer only spends a minute and a half at the drive thru window once placing their order with the drive thru line employee. This switch to mobile POS at the drive thrus during the peak lunch hours has resulted in higher customer satisfaction as well as increased profitability.

Email receipts.

Make everyone’s life easier and stop handing out paper receipts. This simplifies both your accounting and the customer’s experience. Most POS systems provide a digital accounting of your customers’ transactions. Additionally customers prefer their receipts digitally to better organize their own financial files and budgets.

Sell anywhere in your business.

Want to have a food demo or taste testing? Sell those specific items from that area rather than ask customers to go to the main checkout area. By using POS systems in strategically placed locations you can increase sales and productivity. You can even give customers the option to pay themselves at stationary POS stations. Mobile POS allows you to go to where the customers are most excited and active.

Sell on the go.

Taking your business on the road? Mobile POS relieves the headaches associated with keeping track of multiple payment systems. Whether at a food festival or an industry focused trade show you can simplify the process with mobile POS. It keeps both on location and on the road sales in one place.

What’s next?

Pick a POS system that works for you. BizSwoop is fully customizable and works for almost any business. Our proprietary software allows you to be in charge of how you use it. We are confident we can deliver what you need.

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