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Layanan Teknologi Bisnis

Technology is an important tool in building a business today. After reviewing your current technology being used, our teams will provide insights on ways to optimize it or recommend and implement other technology solutions to improve how your business operations. Whether it’s something as simple as email & a website, or something more complex like […]

Menyewa Manajer Teknologi

As businesses grow and evolve companies are finding they have to hire a technology manager. This is a person who oversees programming and software development or installation, understands complex technical processes, and works with outside technology providers amongst other responsibilities. Finding someone who can do this when you don’t have the technology knowledge to ask […]

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Halo Akron

We are very excited to announce BizSwoop is opening a brand new location in Akron, Ohio. We are looking forward to expanding our business to Akron, a growing and innovative city. On May 22, 2019 we are joining Bounce Innovation Hub as part of their large grand opening. We are doing demos of the following: […]

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Creating a Growth Plan

When you started your business you knew that it needed to grow. To increase the chances for growth you created a marketing plan, built out the support needed for success, and made sure your overhead was low. Now, however, you are growing, and you have no plan. You feel like everything is a fire that […]

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Surviving Burnout

When you started your business you were passionately obsessed with your mission. You survived on Nitro coffee and pizza while working late into the night, every single night. You hustled and sold and spent far too much time working. Now things are settling down, and you are exhausted. You are sleeping later and going to […]

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