We want to Help Affected Businesses by the Food & Beverage Health Mandates

The (Coronavirus COVID -19) is impacting life on many levels, directly impacting all the small and medium businesses that serve our local communities. We have been listening and watching the community forums talk about the severe impact to local businesses unable to serve sit-in patrons.

Are you and your business facing a government level health mandate to operate a take-out only operation? Most restaurants don’t have the technology ready for take-out ordering. We do!


No Fees & Commission-free
online ordering Take-out Store

To help support the small & medium business community during this time of need, we are waving all cost and fees for the next 3 months. No advance payment needed, no coupons required and no commitments. Just GRATIS!

Accept Online Orders now

What can you do with our technology?

Quickly Setup the Following for your Online Ordering Take-Out Store

Banner Notification Showing Open for Take-Out Orders

Full Menu Functionality for Take-out Orders

At Checkout Customers Select Pickup Location & Time

Ready To Get Started?

Here are your next steps

Step 1: Start Store

Add to cart and order the Store – Food and Beverage product from our store. Don’t worry, we are not taking any credit card or payment at all!

Step 2: Verify Business

Within 24 hours. An Manajer Akuntansi at BizSwoop will contact you to verify your business and confirm the personalized website address name to use for setting up the Store. Don’t worry if you don’t have a domain name. We can also provide a URL for free.

Step 3: Access the Store Platform

After we confirm your website address. The store is ready! We will send you a link to your new Online Ordering Pickup Store with a username and password to start setting up your menu.

Step 4: Add Menu & Configure Take-out Hours

Easily setup your menu on for customers to create their take-our order. Configure the store take-out hours with powerful functionality to restrict only certain business hours and control the volume of hours placed for select take-out times.

Step 5: Open the Store for Customers to Place Take-out

Yay! Open the store to the public for customers to start placing take-out orders.

Setup is Easy and Quick

Don’t Worry! If you need help as you setup, our support team can guide you through the process.

Sending ❤️ and support for the Small & medium Business Community

Stay healthy and Safe with friends, family and loved ones.