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Product Experience

Customize the product page display for customers

After purchasing the plugin, the ability to add a quantity option to Product Add-ons is enabled. Plus you can select which line items: Subtotal, Extras or Total appear to customers and customize the drop down and extras strings to make them unique for your store.


Powerful Settings Control

Now you can quickly and easily modify and customize the Product Add-on product page listing. Restrict the pages the Add-ons show on the store and customize the strings to make them white label for your store.

Wow, that’s easy!

Manage Different Value Types

To add more flexibility to Product Add-ons you can now add different Value Type options on the Product.

Supported Value Types:

Price – Set a standard price value

Custom – Set a default price value, allow customers to input their own price value on the product page.

Custom % – Set a default % price value, a percentage of the subtotal value, allow customers to input their own price value on the product page

Subtotal % – Set a % price value based upon the subtotal value.

Pricing flexibility for all Products and Options.
Oh did we mention, it’s compatible with Checkout Add-ons too!

All the features you want and need for Product Add-ons

  • Display add-on line items on all products or products with add-ons
  • Customize the Add to Cart button text for products with add-ons
  • Multiple quantity support on add-ons
  • Customize the select option drop down text
  • Select the add-on line items to display on product page
  • Customize the additional line item for cart and checkout

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