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Product Experience

Quickly restrict the quantity allowed for a customer to select

After purchasing the plugin, the ability to restrict the product quantity for Simple and Variation Variations is enabled. Easily set restrictions on products. 


Cart & Checkout Noticed

Now you can quickly and easily show the customer the restrictions that apply to orders being placed. Manage the volume of orders by cart limits or frequency limits.

Wow, that’s easy!

All the features you want and need for Product Add-ons

  • Define product quantity allowed for Simple and Variations products
  • Display quantity restrictions on product page
  • Enable cart level product restriction limits
  • Restrict order frequency by None, Hourly, Daily or Custom values
  • Restrict order frequency by user information: First name, Last name, Email address, Billing address, Shipping address, and User ID (Logged in Users)
  • Add product, cart and checkout notices on order frequency restrictions

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