Leads CRM powered by Bizswoop

    • Add potential customers as leads for tracking important customer information and organize sales team engagements
    • Tag customer statuses to leads and assign sales account managers to customer leads for follow-up
    • Pipeline functionality enables a website (platform dependent) intake form to automatically create a lead for sales follow-up
    • Quickly search for businesses and lead prospects using the Google Places API** in specific geolocations
    • Review robust Prospect results including: Business Name, Business Type, Phone, Website and Address
    • Bookmark Prospect businesses for follow-up and share bookmarks across the organization
    • Easily export leads or bookmarks to a friendly csv format to import in popular CRM tools: Salesforce, Hubspot, ZoHo and more for sales team lead tracking
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Pricing Models

Site License


$ /MO

Unlimited Users
Basic + Advanced Contact Data Results
Export Functionality


Per User Seats

Basic + Advanced
Export Functionality
ASK for Pricing
$ /mo
ASK for Pricing
$ /mo
ASK for Pricing
$ /mo

Does not include Google Maps Platform Places Pricing***
Special pricing for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and students


** For Prospect Search Results Google Maps Platform Places Account Required, learn more
***Pricing Places Details requests – Cost based on request + data outlined on Google Pricing sheet, learn more

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Do I have a Limitation on the Number of Leads?
  • No, you can add an unlimited number of leads
Can I add a Form on My Website for Leads
  • Yes, easily add a form for the company or each sales team member as a virtual business card to assign leads automatically once the form is submitted.
What is Prospect Basic Contact Results?
  • The basic contact results include: Business Name, Business Type and Business Address
What is Prospect Advanced Contact Results?
  • The advanced contact results include: Business Phone number and Business Website
Why Don’t the PRospect results include the Business Email?
  • Due to spamming concerns, the business email is not included in search results
How many Prospect Results Can I expect with each search?
  • The max amount of results returned is capped at 60 for a search. Under the settings, an administrator can limit the results for each search as 20 results, 40 results or 60 results
Can I export Leads?
  • Yes, the export functionality works for exporting leads potential customers to a csv format
Can I export a Bookmark list?
  • Yes, the bookmark list can be exported to a csv format
Do I need a Google Maps Platform Places account?
  • No. A Google Maps Platform Place account is not required to use Leads. However, if you want to use the Prospect functionality, yes, the BizSwoop Leads product requires you provide the Google Places API Key. You will be billed directly by Google for *Pricing Places Details search requests.
How do I know the cost for the Google Maps Platform Places?
  • Google provides pricing information and includes a dashboard to track the number of request. Under the settings for BizSwoop Leads, an administrator if you have the Site License, you can view a high level snapshot of the number of results.

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