Afdrukken van bonnen en bestellingen

Now you can connect your Google Cloud Print account to WooCommerce orders thanks to this great plugin. This is a great option for users of all technical skill levels. Connect printers from all over the world. We wanted businesses of all types to be able to have access to important printed documents. This is a great option for warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, and fulfillment stations.

Meer online bestelfunctionaliteit nodig voor restaurants?

Bekijk onze Populaire WordPress-plug-in gebruikt voor online bestellen
Print Google Cloud Print (GCP) WooCommerce: Voeg eenvoudig ondersteuning toe voor het afdrukken van WooCommerce-bestellingen en -bewijzen met Google Cloudprinter en afdrukken naar overal ter wereld!

Add-on voor producttoewijzing

Add-on voor producttoewijzing: Easily Configure Product And Category Mapping to Print Locations for Print Google Cloud Print GCP WooCommerce.

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White Label Branding Templates

White Label-branding: We Provide an Add-on to remove BizSwoop branding for a white label print template solution.

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Interested in a Custom Print Template?

Afdruksjabloon voor WordPress GCP-plug-in: Wij bieden een snelle en gemakkelijke service door uw eigen afdruksjabloon te bouwen.

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Are you a Developer? Check out our developer page for customized templates information. 

Cloud Print Raspberry Pi IoT Device

Cloud Print Raspberry Pi IoT Device: Are you trying to connect a printer that doesn’t have native Google Cloud Print support? or just want a printer in the fulfillment area of your businesses, for example kitchen or warehouse without dedicating a computer.

Our Cloud Print Raspberry Pi IoT device by BizSwoop is the solution.

Slechts 3 eenvoudige stappen
Stap 1. Sluit de printer aan op het Raspberry Pi IoT-apparaat.
Stap 2. Log in op de Raspberry Pi om de Printer to Cups-printserver toe te voegen.
Stap 3. Log in op uw Google Cloud Print-account met de Chrome-connector en voeg de printer toe.

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Plug-in App Screenshots

After downloading the Plugin in WordPress Admin, Instructions to follow:

1. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
2. Now select from the WooCommerce menu Printer Setting
3. Go to Setting Tab, Copy domain link information and Setup Google Cloud Print API Access
4. Upload the Client Secret File from the Google Cloud Print API, Login to your Google Cloud Print account; it’s now Setup & Ready
5. Simple Instructions to Setup Google Cloud Print API 
5. Click the General Tab and Customize Printer Settings and Company Information
6. Click the Locations Tab and Select Printers from your Google Cloud Print Account. Orders will Start Printing
7. If you have any issues contact support

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