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How To Increase Wholesale B2B Sales

Wholesale businesses have traditionally been complex operations with many business systems. In the last few years owners have found ways to automate and simplify using technology, but still faced challenges like long implementation times and huge buildout costs. Now with software like Store Plus+ you can add and manage B2B features on your site quickly, […]

Gerenciando equipes de vendas em um mundo digital

TECHNOLOGY has undoubtedly revolutionized the sales world, creating myriads of new opportunities and changing the way we work. Your sales teams are easily freed from the office, able to work anywhere and everywhere – well, providing there is wifi or a clear phone signal. Traditional offices are disappearing as coffee shops replace cubicles and your […]

Como os pedidos on-line estão mudando os negócios de restaurantes

A interrupção da DIGITAL atingiu os negócios de restaurantes em grande medida - abrindo novos e novos fluxos de receita para os proprietários que adotam a tecnologia. Mas isso também significa que pequenos restaurantes podem rapidamente ficar para trás e perder o costume se suas habilidades cibernéticas estiverem faltando em relação às suas culinárias. Os proprietários de restaurantes precisam entender como […]