Sharing Positive Feedback

Much like in our personal lives there is a fine line between sharing success and coming across as bragging when we discuss our businesses. Our customers want to hear about how well things are going, and new potential customers need to see successes in order to feel confidence towards our businesses. How we handle sharing and disseminating that information is important.

The best way to highlight accomplishments, achievements, and good reviews is links out to the source. Impress upon your audience that other people are saying these things, and you are not just assuming this is what people think. Potential customers and current customers will appreciate that you are sharing original sources.

Find the Balance

Follow the rule: It is okay to talk about achievements just not all of the time. If you receive accolades in a local newspaper or magazine share the article, more than once even! Just don’t share it non-stop with no other information or posts. This prevents two things: seeming as if you are bragging and annoying people.

Of course there are exceptions to any rule, but generally speaking it is important to not lose sight of the goals for your social media pages. If you use the pages to share menu information, sales, local events, etc then make sure you continue to do that. Social media should not be used exclusively for talking about how great you are.

Take a Moment to Say Thanks

Your customers are what make your business successful, and acknowledging them is the best way to recognize your accomplishments. By hosting events such as customer appreciation nights, offering occasional discounts, and involving your company in the local community you will find yourself enjoying positive feedback.

It is easy to forget who that in the end small businesses are a product of the community’s support. When business owners step back and remember that in most cases without their local community they would not exist, it is immediately clear how imperative it is to say thank you. As an example, when a customer decides to eat at a small local restaurant over a large chain restaurant, he or she is making the decision to support the local economy. Acknowledging this is a great way to build relationships that last.

In the end, social media can be a great way to share what people are saying about your business. It is a way to easily gather feedback, both positive and negative, and then address and disseminate that information. Finding a balance and remembering your audience is the best way to do that effectively.

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