What’s to Love About Business Technology?

Technology can be our friend or our foe, sometimes both depending on the very moment we are trying to use it. We become reluctant to the changes and resist new things, convinced that the technology our company is using is sufficient. “It gets the job done!” we say, but really is getting the job done the same as getting it done well? It’s like when a child tells his parent he cleaned his room, and all he did was throw a single pair of socks in the hamper. Sure, he cleaned it, but he didn’t do it well (or right).

Or we go the other way. In an effort to stay relevant and cool we switch technology so fast our employees, clients, and customers can’t keep up. Thousands and thousands of dollars are wasted trying out the new best thing with no plans beyond the immediate future. We don’t think about long term goals or plans, instead we worry about flashy websites and cutting edge apps.

So what is a business to do? Responsibly embrace the changes to business technology and make them a part of your growing business.

Business technology is the increasing reliance on information technology to improve and optimize business practices and concepts. It includes hardware, software, SaaS (software as a service), and everything in between. The goal is to incorporate technology that enhances business operations and makes it possible for a company to be the best they can be.

Using business technology has more upsides than downsides which makes it a worthy investment. Here are five things that business technology can do for you:

  1. Improve business efficiency.
  2. Build customer database.
  3. Improve productivity.
  4. Make day-to-day run more smoothly.

All of those things work for you! With proper implementation the right technology can be exactly what a business needs.

With that said, there are certain questions that every business owner needs to ask when picking the technology best for his or her company. Everything from improved communication to customer service is on the table is up for discussion. Ask yourself and your team:

  1. How will this improve communication to customers and employees?
  2. Will this improve your marketing plan?
  3. How does this change the productivity of your team?
  4. Does this improve your customer service?
  5. Can you do better by using customer based technology?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then it is probably worth further investigation. Business technology is a game changer for most companies, and when everyone takes the time to formulate goals and plans it becomes much easier to make good decisions about technology.

So what’s next? Reach out to your mentors, partners, friends, coworkers, and other business owners to get their feedback about technology.

The BizSwoop team is also here to help answers any questions or guide you through your technology needs, drop us a message.

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