Let’s Setup Google Cloud Print API access

Watch a quick video on the setup process and workflow


Use our Documentation to Setup Google Cloud Print API access

Note: Some screens might be different, if needed contact support for more help. And a Google API Project is needed for each WordPress installation.


1. Visit Google API console, create a new project

To allow access to your Google Cloud Print printers, go to API console click on the option to create a new project in the “Project” menu:

Select “Create project” from the drop-down “Project” menu…


Then fill in this form by entering a project name of your choice (and for the project ID if you want to modify the autogenerated ID)

2. Go settings; manage API credentials

Go to the “Credentials” section (left menu).


Click Create credentials

3. Set up (OAuth) API access credentials

From the “Credentials” tab, click “Create credentials” button, and select the “OAuth client ID”:


Next, give your application a name.

Select “Web Application” from the list of application type(s):

4. Add Details for (OAuth) API access

  • Create a custom name
  • Authorized JavaScript origins: Add your domain name for the WordPress installation for example: http://www.example.com
  • Authorized redirect URIs: IMPORTANT! From the WordPress GCP Print Plugin Admin Settings Tab, click the copy button,
  • Once copied, paste the Redirect URI in the Authorized redirect URIs field.

Select “Create” button.

After creating, close the pop-up. Click on the new Key from the API Dashboard,  Select Download JSON

5. Go back to your WordPress dashboard

Click Settings Tab, under section Client Secret, click choose file and upload the Json File from Google API.

After uploading the Json File, click Save Changes. Now the Client Secret is saved.

6. NOW On the Settings Tab, Click Login

7. Login to Google Cloud Print and Click Allow access to Your Google Account.

Google OAuth Page for the initial Login to Google Cloud Print Services


After you click ALLOW, go to Locations Tab. Click “Add New”, under the Printers section, the printers setup on Google Cloud Print will show for selection.


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