The POS supports the following Payment Gateway options:


Standard cash payment method is available, the cash amount tendered is tracked on the Order Details for the POS order

Smart Card

The POS is compatible with the Ingenico devices and EMV Payment Gateway with Ingenico device readers.  The supported devices are Moby/8500, Moby/3000, RP457c and G5X, using our Point of Sale app on Android download from Google Play. Connect the POS to the Payment Gateway with Ingenico and process NFC, smart card and swipe payments.

IMPORTANT: Smart Card Reader devices: Moby/8500, Moby/3000, RP457c and G5X only work with Ingenico EMV Payment Gateway and their supported payment processing partners. More information here on a list of partners:


Use the popular Stripe payment processor company allowing you to take payments directly on your POS view via Stripe’s API and easily take digital credit card payments for orders, using the WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway plugin.

IMPORTANT: Smart Card Reader devices with Stripe Terminal are currently NOT Supported on the POS.

External Payment Device

At checkout, selecting the external payment device generates an order number. Input the generated order number into your payment device not integrated with WooCommerce directly. Process the order amount using the external payment device and input the confirmation code to the order. The confirmation code is added on the order details for accounting tracking.

Pay by WC Payment Gateways

Add WooCommerce payment gateway support to POS enabling the use of hundreds of payment gateways plug-ins supported on WooCommerce. The Pay by WC Payment Gateways add-on allows the ability to enable or disable WooCommerce payment gateways from displaying in the POS for payment processing orders. The add-on supports free, paid and pro payment gateway plug-ins that work on the WooCommerce standard order /checkout page workflow.