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BizPrint Cloud & Print Manager for WooCommerce

The print service & plugin that is simple to setup and easy to use

Works on all major brands of printers and many more, including:

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Connect all your websites and print to multiple printers, no limitations

Print Anywhere

Using the cloud you can setup printers to different locations and stations

Instantly Print

Order receipts print automatically when customers place order online

Print Manager

Product Suite

Built in Receipt Templates for
Thermal Printers, Letter, A4 and Custom Paper Sizes

No code required. Easily customize the receipt styling, add your business logo, add your business information and more to design a receipt to match your branding.

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Invoice Receipts Supported in 36 languages: English (United States), English (Australia), English (UK), English (Canada), English (New Zealand), English (South Africa), French (France), French (Belgium), French (Canada), Italian, German, German (Switzerland), German (Switzerland,Informal), German (Formal), German (Austria), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Chile), Spanish (Colombia), Spanish (Costa Rica), Spanish (Dominican Republic), Spanish (Ecuador), Spanish (Guatemala), Spanish (Honduras), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Peru), Spanish (Puerto Rico), Spanish (Uruguay), Spanish (Venezuela), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Angola), Portuguese (Portugal,AO90), Dutch, Dutch (Belgium), Dutch (Formal), Russian, Hebrew, Turkish, Norwegian (Bokmål), Norwegian (Nynorsk).

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Are you a Developer? Don’t Worry. Custom Print Templates are supported with
Print Manager for WooCommerce and BizPrint Cloud Print Service

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The Powerful BizPrint Cloud Print Service for Retail & Online Stores
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Is BizPrint Cloud Print service Free?

Yes, we offer a Free plan for the service with certain limitations. You will have the ability to upgrade your plan allowing for more print jobs. We are working hard to keep our pricing lower than the alternative print systems available. We understand cost and pricing are important and want to continue to provide affordable solutions across all our products and services.

What platforms will be supported?

We plan on support Windows, MacOS and Raspberry Pi OS using a downloaded app. We will be evaluating and adding other OS platforms in the future. BizPrint currently connects to WooCommerce through the Print Manager Plugin.

Will my Cloud Print ready printer work with BizPrint Cloud Print Service?

We are working hard to provide support for many Printer Models and Types including thermal printers commonly used in restaurants. If the Printer Model can be connected to your Platform Windows, MacOS and Raspberry PI OS, the Printer Model should be supported. If you have a Printer Model not supported, open up a support ticket and we will evaluate the Printer Model and potential support.

Will Order Print and BizPrint Cloud Print Service work with the BizSwoop POS?

Yes, the Order Print plugin and BizPrint Cloud Print Service will work with the BizSwoop Point of Sale app for cloud based printing solutions.

How do I sign-up or create an account for the BizPrint Cloud Print Service?

Get started by following the print setup guide here. You will create an account and be printing in less then 5 minutes.

But wait, you didn't answer my question!

If we didn’t include a question you need answered or more information about, please contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions about the new product.

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(Legacy) Can I join the Beta?

BizPrint is now out of Beta stage. You can create an account and start using BizPrint here. Thank you to all the Beta users! If you we’re a Beta user your account has automatically been transitioned to Free Basic Plan

(Legacy) Will checkout performance be improved with BizPrint Cloud Print Service?

Yes! Many users reported when multiple printer locations are configured the checkout load performance was impacted and slower to process the order. The latency was due to the Google Cloud Print system. Now that we are switching to BizPrint Cloud Print System, you will notice a faster performance on the checkout process. We have worked hard to optimize the speed to not impact the customer experience even with multiple printer locations configured.

(Legacy) Will the Old Order Receipt Print and Paid Add-ons Plugins for Google Cloud Print Work?

None of the currently released versions of the software designed for GCP will work, but there is good news! Once the service is ready, we will post a new updated version of Order Receipt Print plugin to under the new product name Order Print for WooCommerce. If you are a user of that plugin, you will get notified of the upgrade in Unfortunately, any purchased add-ons for the GCP service will not work after December 2020 as outlined in the original purchase terms of support. If you need to continue using those add-ons, with the new release of Order Print all of the core functionality will be available to purchase with newly developed paid add-ons for BizPrint. These plugins will need to be purchased from our website. To celebrate the launch of the new BizPrint, Cloud Print Service, we do plan to offer discounts for the new add-ons developed for BizPrint. Keep an eye out in our newsletters and promotions on our website.

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