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Simple Order Management

Easily manage orders using custom statuses by setting:




Text Color

Text Background

Action Icon

Next Statuses

Default Status

Bulk Actions

Include in Reports


Don’t worry. As the business owner and admin, you can enabled or disable any of the order statuses. Plus manage the workflow for the order to maintain organization and efficiency of order fulfillment.

Workflow Management

Smart Order Management Organization (Powerful)

In one quick organized view, you can easily view the order workflow status based upon the label. Customize the label color and text.

Use sorting, filtering and bulk actions allowing you to quickly identify the orders required action and perform fulfillment tasks to increase order operations. 


How does Action Buttons work to show Next Statuses?
We do the hard work for you, how? 

All you need to do is define the Next Statuses

Now click on action icon, trigger Next Statuses workflow

The app automatically uses the Next Statuses to move the order to the Workflow Status and Notify!

Note: You can also select the Order Details Status Selection Drop down to trigger Next Statuses

Smooth Business Operations

Create and manage multiple custom order statuses unique to your business operations. Don’t worry you still can use the default WooCommerce statuses. Modify the colors, descriptions and next statuses on default WooCommerce order status to make them more powerful to your operation.    

Workflow Manager Dashboard

Easy Order Notifications

Automatically send email order notifications based upon the changed workflow order status. Notify customers to keep them updated on the order progress or create notifications for your own business operation internally.  

Easily configure settings for your Business needs

Powerful features and functionality. All these great features and more…

  • Custom Names Status
  • Custom Status Descriptions & Tooltips
  • Custom Action Icons
  • Define Next Statuses Workflow Actions
  • Define Default Statuses
  • Bulk Order Status Changes
  • Modify Default WooCommerce Status Colors and Next Statuses
  • Include Statuses for Order Reporting
  • Enable Paid Status in Custom Dashboard for Orders
  • Custom Email Notifications for Admin & Customers
  • Define Email Triggers Based upon Conditions
  • Filter Based upon Workflow Order Statuses

Why wait any longer to start managing orders !?

Increase orders efficiently, increase organization and make customers happy. Let’s get started

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