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Active License

Activating License with BizSwoop

Step 1: Install and Active Plugin App on WordPress
  • Download from Order & Upload the WooCommerce QuickSync plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or Add New on the Plugins page and upload zip file to your WordPress website.
  • Once the Plugin is uploaded by FTP or Add New zip file from the Plugins section.
  • Go to Plugins installed in the WordPress admin, Click Activate Plugin to activate WooCommerce QuickSync plugin. 
  • On the WooCommerce menu, a new menu item will be created labeled QuickBooks.
Step 2: Activate WooCommerce QuickSync License with BizSwoop
  • Click the QuickBooks menu item under WooCommerce. 
  • Click the Settings tab on WooCommerce QuickSync 

  • Scroll down to section Status QuickBooks License
  • From the order, enter your Activation Email and License Key
  • Select the Activate option, click Save Changes
  • WooCommerce QuickSync is no Activated!

Connect to QuickBooks

Connecting to QuickBooks Account

Step 1: Get Client ID and Client Secret

It’s easy. Quick steps to get the ID and Secret

Step 1: Sign In to your Intuit Developer Account here

Step 2: Create New APP on the Dashboard here

Step 3: Enter App Name(eg. Invoice Sync) and Select “Accounting” Scope and Create APP

Step 4: Go to Product Keys & Oauth ,if you are using QuickBooks sandbox then copy Development key otherwise copy Production Keys.

Note: You might need to complete account verification and Eula settings on your account to finish the app setup steps on Step 5.

Step 5: Enter Redirect URI found under the Accounts Tab

Note: This is the Redirect URL on your WooCommerce website and under the Accounts tab of the WooCommerce >QuickBooks

Step 6: Save APP then copy client ID and Secret and put both in plugin settings

Or if you are a visual person. A quick video to get the ID and Secret

Step 2: Setup Account and Connect
  • Click the Accounts tab for WooCommerce QuickSync

  • Select Account Mode Production or Development
  • Input a Account Name
  • Enter in the Client ID and Client Secret from your QuickBooks account
  • Click the Connect to QuickBooks button
  • Once clicked a dialog window will appear requesting authorization to connect to your QuickBooks account

  • Review to verify the account and approve terms. Click Connect

  • After clicking Connect, the account will show Authorized for syncing to start.
  • You are now all set to start syncing WooCommerce orders to your QuickBooks account!

Disconnect from QuickBooks

Disconnecting from QuickBooks account

Step 1: Log Out of Connected Account
  • Click the Accounts tab for WooCommerce QuickSync
  • Click Edit on the Account you would like to disconnect

  • Click Log Out, next to label Authorized
Verification: WooCommerce QuickSync is Disconnected
  • After Log Out is clicked, the Accounts tab will load, showing a notification confirmation the Account has been disconnected

  • The authorization status will now also show as Not Authorized for the account

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