How Technological Change Is Impacting Daily Business Activity

TOP technology can help put your business on the fast track to success, keeping you ahead of competitors and cutting costs.

It is easy for small business owners to overlook the importance of staying abreast of the latest technological tools – after all, owners are too busy actually running their businesses and do not have the time to play with the latest toys, gizmos and gadgets, are they not?

To a point – but if you do not keep up to date, not only are you missing out, but it is a pretty sure-fire bet that your competitors are, which means trouble for you.

With modern software and apps, even the smallest of businesses can keep up with larger rivals – or risk losing out. Think about it for a moment – could you buy something right now from a small business if it only took cash? Yet any business can now run credit cards through a plethora of payment providers for just a few cents on the dollar. 

Whether it is printing, messaging, accounting, tracking, marketing or any other aspect of running a small business – it is worth the time taking stock of the tools out there to help you. Some cost, some are free, some use the ‘freemium’ model of a basic package at no charge and optional upgrades at a fee.

One key area that should be of interest to all business owners is keeping costs low – the lower your backroom bills then the more competitive you can be.

Mobile technology allows staff to keep up to date with the head office in real time wherever they physically are – expenses and car mileage can be tracked automatically from any smartphone, customer relationship management software accessed on the go, calls logged, and orders placed. Have a decent data package and your team is good to go.

Cloud storage allows any and all company documents to be accessed from any device anywhere there is wifi or a phone signal, and modern office products allow collaboration with team members in real time, complete with video conferencing if needed.

Does all this software wizardry require a lot of computer skills? Not so much – many apps are carefully designed for little or no IT know-how and there are many small IT support firms out there that can be hired cheaply for one-off installations or even put on a retainer to be your own support desk.

Do not put your firm’s future at risk because you are not keen on technology – many big firms have gone under because they did not see what tech could do for them, or even worse, what it meant for their business model. 

Tech is a tool like any other – use it wisely and appropriately and it can save time and make you money. Ignore it and you are still using a handsaw to cut down a tree. BizSwoop can take help take your tech to the next level, allowing you to grow your business and rise above the day to day minutia. Schedule a chat with us today to review our out of the box and custom services.