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Last week we discussed what WordPress is and how it can be a great way to build a website for your business. It gives people the chance to customize the website and create a space that will attract the customers that are most desirable. Everything can be done in a way to meet your specifications. Color to content, it is all customizable.

This week we are going to talk about WordPress plugins. A plugin is software that adds functionality or features to your website. They can do a wide variety of things depending on which ones your download. There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, and some are paid while some are free.

Our company, BizSwoop, has just released some new plugins, and we want to introduce them to you.

Point of Sale POS WooCommerce

This plugin exists to provide a checkout solution at your physical store. WooCommerce is a leader in online shopping experiences, and we wanted to bring that same ease of use to storefronts. All products sync between your online and physical stores’ POS systems. It allows for product syncing, collecting payments, and more in an organized and up-to-date way.

Account Manager WooCommerce

With a focus on customer management, this plugin provides insight, allows for assigning commission, and adds functionality for customers. It includes a detailed dashboard, account management options, and customer level commission management. This gives both businesses and customers control over information important to them.

Print Google Cloud WooCommerce

Now you can connect your Google Cloud Print account to your WooCommerce account thanks to this great plugin. This is a great option for users of all technical skill levels. Connect printers from all over the world. We wanted businesses of all types to be able to have access to important printed documents. This is a great option for warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, and fulfillment stations. This is compatible with the POS plugin mentioned above.

Product Add Ons WooCommerce

This is a great option if you want to improve shopping functionality to your site. It allows customers to have access to more options for personalization and variable price points. Stores that take a lot of custom orders with a variety of options will benefit for from this plugin. It reduces email conversations with the customer and puts all of the orders in one single place.

These four plugins are sure to enhance your WooCommerce experience and make it more adaptable for your business. We are excited to offer them to you as we continue to grow our technical offerings.

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