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Simple Customer Experience

At checkout, customers have options to select:

Pickup, Delivery or Ship functionalities.

Don’t worry. As the business owner, you can enabled or disable any of the options for the customer to select. Customize the naming, change Pickup name to Curbside or the name that best fits your service. Plus easily restrict the options for the customer based upon the address the customer inputs at checkout. A powerful feature to restrict delivery zones using shipping zones and methods!

Smart Scheduling & Order Volume Management (New)

You can easily manage the calendar to set a schedule, define pre-order days, set minimum wait times, delivery cut-off times and decide on order volume in time slots for your business. Advanced tools and scheduling to allow you to run a fast paced operation. Wow!

The customer selects an option, Smart Scheduling automatically finds the next available slot. Add a label to inform the customer the next available option has been found and selects the option by default. Now customers can checkout faster or change to select a date and time best for them.

How does Smart Scheduling work to show Next Available Time Slot?
We do the hard work for you, how?

The app automatically uses the following settings to calculate the next available time slot for customers instantly!

  • Store Schedule
  • Number of Days for Pre-Order
  • Closed Hours and Holidays
  • Minimum Wait Times
  • Same Day Cut-off Times
  • Location & Delivery Schedule
  • Time Slots
  • Order Volumes

Smooth Business Operations

After the order is placed by the customer. Now the order details will include the information you need to process the order quickly for Pick-up, Delivery or Shipping.

Don’t worry, we allow you to customize the naming of Pick-up, Delivery or Ship to best fit your business workflow to allow clear actions for the team fulfilling orders!

Easy Order Organization

On the Order details list page, sort and filter by number of days ahead, order types, order type locations and order type information.

Easily configure settings for your Business needs

Powerful features and functionality. All these great features and more…

  • Enable/Disable Order Hours Delivery Functionality
  • Compatible Schedules with Order Hours
  • Enable/Disable Multiple Options: Pick-up, Delivery, Ship
  • Set Pre-Order Days
  • Choose Pre-Order Day Restriction Limits
  • Define Minimum Wait Times
  • Pick Delivery Cut-off Times
  • Enable multiple pick-up locations
  • Allow customers to select specific pick-up and delivery times
  • Restrict the number of orders placed in a time slot
  • Set minimum cart price for pick-up and delivery
  • Set additional order cost for pick-up or delivery options
  • Add email notifications for pick-up and delivery orders
  • Use shipping zones to restrict pick-up and delivery locations

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