Making the Most of Co-Working Space

It is summer. Now the kids are home all day, and your home office has been taken over by art projects and LEGO creations. Or maybe you are just itching for a change of scenery to get out of a work rut. Possibly you get distracted by your personal to do list during the day if you work from home, but you don’t have an actual office to use.

Enter co-working. These are spaces designated for workers to work, exchange knowledge and ideas, and support each other. They are designed with the home office employee in mind, and it gives people a chance to escape their usual scenery for something different and inspiring.

How do you make the most of these spaces? By embracing all they have to offer.

Show up with a to do list.

While these spaces are great for innovation, they can also be loud and a little distracting. Before you leave for the co-working space, make a to do list of everything you need to do that day. Make it your goal to get those things do. Try to make any necessary phone calls before you leave so to avoid the noisy backgrounds that can sometimes exist in these spaces.

Be sure to pack everything you need to accomplish the tasks on the list.

Engage constructively

During your hours working, do not disturb others while they are in their workspace. People are paying for their time there, and it is important that they can get their work done. That said when at the coffee machine or in the central area make sure your engagement is constructive for everyone. Ask about their careers. Ask for professional input. Do not ask what they did over the weekend.

Keep your space organized

Remember this isn’t your office. Just because you employ a random organization system at your home office doesn’t mean you can do that here. These are shared spaces. Keep your papers in an organized system, whether files or neat stacks, so that it doesn’t impact others’ productivity. Make sure to throw away any food and coffee trash, unneeded notes, and other trash at regular intervals.

Buy good headphones

Background noise is usually a big issue in co-working spaces. Find yourself a pair of headphones that will cancel noise as well as fit comfortably. It is important that you find a way to tune out conversations and the sound of typing while working. Turn on your favorite podcast or Spotify channel and get in the zone.

Know the calendar

Most co-working spaces also offer social opportunities, professional meetings, and more. Make sure to take advantage of these. This is a great way to meet like minded people with whom you can learn and collaborate. It’s also a great way to make some new friends.

Co-working is growing quickly. It is a concept that appeals to so many people. Take advantage of these spaces in a way that is both productive to you and the community. Make sure to follow these easy tips to make it even better!

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