Hiring a Technology Manager

As businesses grow and evolve companies are finding they have to hire a technology manager. This is a person who oversees programming and software development or installation, understands complex technical processes, and works with outside technology providers amongst other responsibilities. Finding someone who can do this when you don’t have the technology knowledge to ask the best questions can be a challenge. Here are some tips and questions to find the best fit for your company.

What is a Technical Manager?

The technical manager is the point person for any and all technology issues within a business. This means they are usually capable of managing problems in high pressure situations and can navigate a wide variety of systems. His or her job is important to the success of a small business.

What is Their Education and Experience?

Technical managers can have a wide range of qualifications. Some may have degrees and others may just have years of experience. Many have a mix of both. Common fields of study and experience are IT, network management, computer science, and other areas in the technology sphere.

How Can They Help Me?

The greatest upside of hiring a technical manager is taking the responsibility of managing your technology, both proprietary and external, off your plate. It gives the work to someone who specializes in that area, and by doing that you are giving your business the gift of an expert. He or she can handle communications with any external technology companies as well as oversee any technology you have in the office. 

In short, a technical manager is a wise hire for a small business with a moderate to large amount of technology and software. This person will reduce your overall stress and bring experience and new ideas to your technology management. 


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