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Create a WooCommerce Wholesale experience for clients with the most advanced pricing flexibility options on the market.

Business to Business (B2B)

Conduct transactions with other businesses. Don’t make exceptions, give your team and clients the experience they deserve.


Create business profiles for your clients. Add advanced features to your commerce platform to provide a first class enterprise experience.

A Powerful Shopping Experience for Business to Business (B2B), Wholesale and Enterprise Customers

Here are just a few of those powerful features and functionalities

Customizable Business
Registration Forms

Business Account Level Management & Account Override

Pricing by Customer or Group

Management Tools

Product & Category Restrictions
by Customer

Shipping & Payment Method Restrictions by Customer

Business Account Profile
& Price List

Point of Sale Integration
Available now. Learn more

And Much More!

Back Office Operations

Use tools and features to manage and control the shopping experience

Management Tools

Customizable Business Forms, Profile & Pricing List

Register customers on your site with a customizable form to collect the right information you need to generate their Account Profile. From the profile page, you can begin to review submissions, configure accounts and generate pricing lists. Create a wholesale for WooCommerce experience.

Flexible Pricing Rules

Create Group and User Pricing Rules Defined By Attribute, Product, or Category. Create Multiple Pricing Groups to quickly setup customers with a company defined pricing tier. Need more flexibility? Assign prices for users on an individual basis or something in-between with a hierarchical pricing system.

Put new users in a group, then override any attributes, products or categories that are custom to that user. Then let the group the user belongs to fill in the rest of your stores product prices with the hierarchical pricing logic.

How does a Pricing Rule Create a Customer Pricing Model?
We do the hard work for you, how?

The software automatically uses your defined pricing rules to calculate and display the product price on simple, variable and variation prices dynamically in real-time on customer accounts.

  • Price by Product
  • Price by Category
  • Price by Attribute
  • Multiple Price Types
  • Define a Regular Price
  • Define a Sale Price
  • Define a Quantity Price, including Min/Max
  • Fixed or Schedule a Rule

Front Office Experience

Offer Customers a seamless shopping experience

Business Profile

Businesses will have access to a Profile, allowing them to manage their business information and view the business relationship based upon their account profile.

Oh don’t worry. You can manage the fields to display and set permissions for which user roles can modify the fields. Plus, you can login as the Customer to view their account experience and place orders on their behalf.

Easy Pricing Lists

Tired of managing price lists and submitting them to customers? The Price Rules and Models do all the work. Businesses can quickly view a PDF or Excel of pricing for the entire Product catalog, dynamically updated.

Shopping Experience

The entire product catalog is updated based on the business profile and pricing models. Once the business user logs in, the pricing will dynamically update and match their price list. Choose to display default product pricing or hide pricing information at the product or category level until after a customer logs in.

Tell me more! Easily configure settings for your Business needs.

Store Plus is a complete suite of features and  functionality including…

  • Account Registration Form
  • Custom Pricing for Account Level
  • Custom Pricing for Groups
  • Create and Manager Custom User Profiles
  • Product Visibility by Product or Category
  • Account Approval System
  • Login by Customer Workflow
  • Tax Management
  • Customer Profile Page
  • Customer Group Management
  • Profile Page Styling & Customization
  • Restrict Payment Methods by Account
  • Restrict Shipping Methods by Account
  • Create and Manage Custom Business Fields
  • Create and Manage Price List
  • Company Level Permission Management

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Increase orders, increase sales and make customers happy all while building stronger business relationships.

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