BizStore for Restaurants Goes Live

We hope this update finds our community of users, developers and customers healthy and safe. We understand many of you have been affected by COVID-19 including our friends and family. BizSwoop is a small, but passionate team, and have decided to prioritize all of our efforts on building and improving the products and features you need to operate during these uncertain times. As a result, our Hub blog posts have been quiet lately, but we are excited to break the silence with an announcement today, the launch of our platform BizStore for Restaurants!

Since developing and supporting our popular plugin add-on for WooCommerce, Order Takeout And Delivery we’ve listened to our community tell us that setting up a Restaurant online can be difficult, time consuming and a headache to get started and maintain. Some of you are Restaurant owners and have no experience with setting up a store online. Some of you are agencies trying to quickly help all your customers get online. Some of you are developers trying to find good plugin solutions for customer functionality requests. As a team, we reviewed our products and discussed what we can do to help reduce the effort in building an online Restaurant with a full feature set of functionality and power.

Our solution is BizStore for Restaurants! Built to serve the Food and Beverage industry and designed to aid business owners, agencies and developers to quickly and easily bring their restaurant online. We are proud to launch BizStore for Restaurants to help hard working community establishments get the technology they need to adapt to the current circumstances. The platform provides beautiful design and is easy to use for all skillsets. Included in the platform is the important Take-out and Delivery functionality, Point of Sale, Order Workflow Management, Customer Marketing and much much more.

We know profit margins are crucial for any for-profit business, but the restaurant industry is extremely sensitive to added costs. This is why our platform doesn’t charge or collect fees! Yes, that’s right No fees! No Order Transaction costs! We only charge an affordable monthly fee depending on the plan you select.

Our driving commitment has been “You focus on making great food. We focus on great technology.” We hope you will take the time to explore and understand if BizStore for Restaurants is a platform that can help you sell more food online, serve your customers needs and provide an affordable monthly fee. We hope it allows you to do what you love, make food! And us to do what we love, build great technology for you.