Managing Sales Teams in a Digital World

TECHNOLOGY has undoubtedly revolutionized the sales world, creating myriads of new opportunities and changing the way we work.

Your sales teams are easily freed from the office, able to work anywhere and everywhere – well, providing there is wifi or a clear phone signal.

Traditional offices are disappearing as coffee shops replace cubicles and your people may have very little need to ever return to base, giving them more time on the road and in front of prospective clients.

But the downside to this is it quickly becomes difficult to manage people when you do not get to see them – which is where top leaders invest in new tools to help them help their teams.

There is nothing new about using Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, systems of course – but traditionally they have been for bigger companies able to spend heavily on specialist software and customized solutions.

Smaller businesses or startups do not have this option open to them, and can miss opportunities trying to create their own systems and procedures to collect important sales data and manage their staff, but there are solutions to streamline for even the most modest of enterprises.

WordPress not only lets all businesses have a smart and professional shop window to the world but also can give your team access to vital sales tools in a back-office environment by some of the latest plugins on the market.

Bizswoop has several offerings for business, and uses the freemium model with the core products free of charge and higher level features available for low cost – ideal for a growing business allowing you to expand your IT piece at a time, using only what you need when you need it.

Account Manager empowers a business owner or manager to oversee individuals in their teams and manage performance, bringing key customer insights to life at the touch of an icon or two. New additions for this WooCommerce world give the business the power to calculate and distribute commissions to your sales force.

And working powerfully alongside Account Manager is a new lightweight CRM offering – Leads – again working on the freemium model.

The two products together create a powerful toolkit for any sales team, small or large, giving the competitive edge to your people in the field backed up with strong support at the headquarters.

Leads gives salespeople the power to track prospects, harness customer information and organize engagements.

Optional add-ons include Prospect, enabling you to use Google Places to search business results, and Pipeline, creating form functionality on a website to directly create a lead for immediate follow up.

Advanced Analytics and Export Functionality are further popular paid-for add-ons to Leads, creating a powerful suite of products to give a business owner complete mastery of their processes and a valuable source of data for mining.

To see how Account Manager and Leads can help you transform your sales process from both ends visit today.