How To Increase WooCommerce Wholesale B2B Sales

Increase WooCommerce Wholesale Sales

Wholesale businesses have traditionally been complex operations with many business systems. In the last few years the wholesale business has grown and owners have found ways to automate and simplify using technology, but still faced challenges like long implementation times and huge buildout costs. Now with a simple Wholesale WooCommerce Plugin like Store Plus+ you can add and manage B2B features on your WordPress site quickly, for a fraction of the cost all while impressing your customers and streamlining internal operations!

Are you still conducting business on a legacy system? Paper invoices, manual accounting entries, informal email proposals and sales spreadsheets? Those time consuming methods are hurting your company in so many ways. Efficiency is lost with every extra step you have to take. You already know time is money. Let’s talk about the costs of NOT building out a wholesale website by real customer insights from the last 6 months:

  • Your buyers are empowered. They want to research on your ecommerce website and purchase your goods themselves, without the help of a traditional salesperson. If you can’t provide this experience, they’ll buy elsewhere for convenience.

  • Your buyers are younger and tech savvy. The kids are taking over the family business. Boomers are retiring. Impressive online store technology is coming out at a rapid rate. If you’re not upgrading your system now, when will you?

  • Your buyers are buying less at once, but more frequently. They want to buy on their own time, in their own account with a personalized account experience. News flash, the “other companies” have these features.

  • Your buyers are price sensitive. They know how to hunt for the best price, and a lot of them need it. Businesses that have survived the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic have done so by cutting costs and adding value for their customers. If you can’t provide flexible custom pricing, they’ll go to your competitors.

Building a WooCommerce wholesale website in 2021 doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you already have a WooCommerce website, you can easily add Store Plus+ Plugin and be up and running in a few hours with features like setting WooCommerce wholesale prices and creating WooCommerce user roles  that put your wholesale customers at the center of the experience. 

Alternatively getting started with BizStore Plus+ For B2B, you can take advantage of the entire suite of BizSwoop Products on a secured platform with priority support. Get your salespeople setup with custom accounts, bring up the included POS on the road and sell in-person using WooCommerce custom pricing in their account profile. Print orders back to the warehouse from anywhere with BizPrint

Don’t allow the outdated thoughts of complexity or cost get in the way of your business success. Invest in your company and your customers will thank you with loyalty. Get started by learning more about Store Plus Plugin Here.