BizSwoop launches a SaaS Cloud Printing Service BizPrint

BizSwoop launches a SaaS Cloud Printing Service BizPrint to provide instant & automatic printing for WooCommerce.

Automatically print orders anywhere in your restaurant, retail store or fulfillment station instantly. The service works by installing the accompanying free Print Manager Plugin on your WordPress website. BizPrint is a cloud service, meaning your customers can place an order online from your website, app or other online storefronts and your printer will automatically print out the order.

Setup is simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes with equipment you already have. All major brands of printers and many more are compatible including: Dymo, HP, Canon, Epson, Zebra, Brother, Star. The software is designed to support thousands of printer model types including thermal printers commonly used in restaurants and retail outlets, InkJet printers used in business environments and label printers used in fulfillment centers. You can get started for free with the setup guide here.

If you do not have a local printer, or are looking for a way to get a smaller footprint for a station, BizSwoop will soon offer a Raspberry Pi IoT Device to replace the need for a computer connected printer. 

BizPrint supports small business operations with a single printer or can be scaled for large business operations by allowing unlimited applications and printer stations. The station mapping system allows for easy organization and advanced assignment of product items for logistical efficiency. Enabling the Product Mapping Add-on (paid), you can configure specific products or categories to print only at specific station locations. 

The Product Mapping configuration is a popular add-on for restaurants. Once enabled, automatically print beverages and pre-made items to a front of house beverage & packing station and print main entrees to the back kitchen for preparation, allowing staff to efficiently prepare orders for customers. This setup is also great for warehouses because you can configure different stations for certain items to create an optimal workflow for your staff to fulfill orders.

Included with BizPrint are receipt templates allowing for layout customizations to create a branded receipt template. If you have advanced needs for your order receipt or have a 3rd party plugin which needs to display data onto the receipt, the company offers developer tools for Custom Print Templates. Custom Print Templates allows you to code your own customizations for your business requirements.

To offer a complete business solution for your WordPress WooCommerce ecosystem, BizPrint is compatible with the Point Of Sale Plugin to enable automatic and manual printing. The highly rated POS plugin is perfect for direct order input from sales teams, in-person purchasing and local pop-up events for your business. 

BizPrint Cloud service is currently only compatible with WooCommerce, but plans for rolling out the service to Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce are scheduled later this year. Get started today using the free plan at 50 print jobs each month. If you need more, paid plans start with up to 5,000 print jobs for only $10/mo with plans ranging up to 200,000 print jobs for $100/mo.

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